Mission Statement and Vision Projection

Mission Statement

The Southampton Railroad Station Society's mission is to completely restore the interior and exterior of Southampton Station including the grounds surrounding the station. Much work needs to be done, along with the financing that will be necessary to embark on this project.

Vision Projection

Some of the items that need to be done on the station and the grounds that surround it are as follows:

    1. Check and correct any foundation problems.
    2. Replace roof.
    3. Removal of any possible asbestos.
    4. Remove and store as much equipment as possible from basement, first floor and second floor so that removal of old paint can be done more easily.
    5. Removal of lead based paint.
    6. Floors will be repaired and sanded as necessary.
    7. Replace and repair all existing windows.
    8. Replace all electrical wiring and equipment as needed throughout the station, leaving in old equipment, such as conduit and fittings for historical integrity.
    9. Replace all plumbing and sewers as needed throughout the station.
    10. Install telephone system.
    11. Install alarm system.
    12. Install heating system.
    13. All original hardware to be dipped in chemicals in order to bring out artful details.
    14. Refinish any existing furniture.
    15. Repaint interior and exterior of building as close to original paint scheme as possible.
    16. When station is completed, install all new window shades.
    17. Install new outdoor lighting for parking lot and station area.
    18. Resurface parking lot.
    19. Resurface station platform.
    20. Restore signal tower structure and components needed to complete.
    21. Clean surrounding area. (tracks, etc.)
    22. Question why would people be interested.
    There will be many more items that have to be addressed as we go along, and we will address them as they enter into the completed masterpiece that we are all hoping for.